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30 Week Writing Survey - Week 29: Reminders

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I'm setting this as a quick reminder to myself: at the end of this semester, like mid May or something, I think I'm going to sit down and write out a blog post about what I learned, liked, disliked, loved, hated, etc about my brief university life >.> It'll probably be really rant-y and unstructured (cuz that's the kind of blogger I am). Then about a year afterwards, I might do another reflection. Especially when I have to battle unemployment and student loan checks >_>

Also, annoyance stuff: my hair only ever wants to have cute curls at 1:30 am when I can't asleep and when there's no one around to appreciate D:<
But it's okay.
At least selfies document the curls.
I got some colorful hair chalk thingies to put on the blonde ends of my hair. I've been having so much fun with them, the fact that they're designed to be used by  elementary/middle school girl hasn't bothered me a bit. (Maybe I'll take silly selfies of that too).

Last annoyance stuff: I've done everything possible to procrastinate, even though I'm trying to get as much work done in advance so I can get some words into VE before finals crash on me. I'd planned to work through the weekend. Then this happened:

And then, barely a day later...

I do blame Gustavo Santaolalla. Damn it, why is he so talented!? Every time a song from the game sneaks into my playlist, I eye the Archive of Our Own tab or my VE word document. Or just Word or my journals in general.

(As of right now, have not yet looked for/written said 20 Years Later fanfiction. I did spend most of Saturday watching Markiplier's playthrough of the game though).

QUESTION 29: How often do you think about writing? Ever come across something out in the world that reminds you of your story/characters?

Too much... Wayyy too much. It almost feels like I'm constantly thinking about my writing and my characters, and I get weird ideas for future stuff or things that'll happen to them all the time. It's also difficult for me to watch movies or tv shows without occasionally pausing and thinking about a character's development, their relationships, their appearance, etc, and wondering how I would approach so and so with this guy or that girl. Playing video games and reading books is especially deadly, because I love the mediums so much that consuming them means I get inspired while I'm still reading/playing, and I just bounce off the walls with ideas.

Writing pretty much rules my life >_>

I'm constantly rewriting or rethinking stories. I go over little details, of their past, their current actions, their motivations. And y'know how I said I heard Serena complain about my wording because of what it implied about her and Jūn? I hear little things like that all the time--voices or comments or thoughts--and whenever outside things inspire it, it usually comes to me with a bit of delay. As stated, video games, books, movies, tv shows, etc, end up sneaking up on my writing-related-thoughts, but music and real life events do too.

I'll give two examples. (Both of which involve me in a car >.>).

One of the first times it happened (bit of a darker take): on my Freshman year of high school, my dad used to pick me after school so he could come home to have lunch and then go back to work. On the car, we would always listen to NPR, and one time they were doing a story on a rape crises of a particular country. (I forget from where exactly since this was so long ago). At one point, the interviewer was talking about the women victims, what they'd gone through, how they survived, how they had no justice for what was done to them. She kept referring to them as women over and over again, which is why it was such a shock when she said one of said women was an 11-year old girl. The story stayed with me for a while. I'd been writing Redemption for a few months by then. Days or weeks later, after I randomly spaced out in class, I heard someone tell Hitomi that this young girl they both knew had been sexually assaulted.

That was the first time I ever heard Nikki's voice, and the first time I came to know the reason for why Madeleine was mute. It also played a lot into Nikki's back story, not just about her relationship with Madeleine and Vladimir, but also to one of her biggest secrets. I tried to tackle the subject matter as best as I could (I was only thirteen/fourteen when writing that), but the point is that it happened kind of on its own. While listening to the report, I never thought, "I should write about something like this." The initial step happened naturally.

A more recent example: While on one of my many car rides with my mom--I think while going through the traffic-overrun highways to Downtown Miami--we were listening to the music on my phone when the Kill Bill cover of Malagueña Salerosa came on. My mom started singing it (she's musically and vocally trained) and told me about learning the song when she was younger in Ecuador, back when she was taking lessons in a conservatory. The song that followed, The Lonely Shepherd, is also from the Kill Bill soundtrack, and she remembered it was another song that was taught in music lessons.

Many weeks later, while lazing around, I thought randomly about Octavia and where she could be from. At this point, I didn't even know she was a Latina. And I was listening to the music in my phone when Malagueña Salerosa came on, and I saw her play it for Jae-hyun. Because it was in Spanish and she was kind of singing to it, he asked about it, and she explained it's not really a song from her country (since it's of Mexican origin) but she knows the lyrics by memory because she heard it a lot growing up. So right there I realized Octavia was Ecuadorian.

That scene might never make it into a written piece of work, or if it does, not in such a similar way. In fact, when Nikki eventually revealed to Hitomi what happened to Madeleine, the circumstances were a lot different than what I had initially imagined. But they're still important moments of characters sharing information with each other as much as they're sharing it with me.

It's a bit of an odd thing. And I am totally the kind of pretentious jerk that whips out a journal and scrawls on it while mid conversation with someone because LIGHTING STRIKE OF AN IDEA >_> But it's also kind of an unwilling reaction of mine. I can't help but think about the stories/people in my head.

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