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Beginnings and Ends

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Figures I'd spend most of spring break doing homework assignments. No time for adventure when all my classes sent out readings and writing thingies for the week >> It hasn't been too bad. I finished story mode of Destiny (lolololololol what there was of it >_>) and I've spent a good chunk of the time at the Crucible. And I wrote a lot for Bree and Serena, even finished the former's first draft. Which lead to a couple of things...

You know this scene from the end of season four of Game of Thrones?

Combine that with the Dragon Age: Inquisition song of Journey to Skyhold* and that's exactly how I wound up writing the ending to Pulse. My little baby Breathtaker, after finally earning her name, takes off on an airship to begin her life as a true Crusader.

At first, I wasn't too surprised by the music choice or even how similar my scene ended up to that moment of Game of Thrones. (I can't 100% remember how it was written in the book--read it ages ago, I need to do a reread--so technically I'm just borrowing from the show >->). I did find it weird though, while writing it, how much emphasis I was putting on what was ahead. The point originally had been to have Breathtaker reflect a little on what had happened, what her village would do now that they weren't under peril, what it might mean for her mother's life, etc. In the first little snippet I wrote, she was looking behind at her homeland. In the second snippet, she was sitting at the deck, writing on the grimoire. In the actual writing, she ran out to stare at the path ahead, much the same way that Arya looks out into the open sea.

There's also the fact that in the Journey to Skyhold cut scene, that's truly the point where Dragon Age: Inquisition begins. Not in the sense that nothing's happened before then. You've already got a couple hours of gameplay and you've made a number of important decisions by that point. But nothing's really concrete until you lead everyone to Skyhold and become the Inquisitor there.

That bled into Pulse. And I got this weird reminder of the ending of Millennium Girl and, to an extent, Ataraxia, where the last lines and even what's speculated about the future imply there's a lot that's still going to happen. I've often worried the last line of MG sounds a little like sequel-bait, and since there's probably never going to be a sequel, that might be a bit misleading. Yet I know I'll never change the line. It would break the whole story if I took it out, or it would feel like a betrayal of what had led to that moment >_<

So there's no real finality in the stories, not in the sense that they're incomplete (hopefully), just that something else could happen and probably will, even if I don't get to write it. There's no "20 Years Later" epilogue anywhere. This used to be what I liked about Dream's narratives, and it was so easy because she was a wanderer and could have never settled into a serene, definite end. But I didn't write all her life and adventures, and I doubt I'm doing these open endings in an effort to plant some sequel seeds. In this case, I hope it says a lot about what lies ahead for Bree and even Serena.

Oh, and I got really nervous and jittery right before I started typing Pulse. This has happened before, whenever I start a novel that I've been building up to or if I'm diving into a scene or chapter that's crucial and has been long in planning. But it's never happened for a short story. It's probably due to how much I've been thinking about Breathtaker. Even before I started the first draft, I'd written down snippets and already changed little parts of the narratives. It was just constantly in my head.

On Serena's side, I've been remixing Oculus for the style exercises. And while they're a bit of a pain, I do find myself learning a lot of things. Not always about her, surprisingly enough, but about the white dragon she encounters. At one point in the exercises, I had to give him a full name, and I settled on Jūn Jaeger for various reasons, which play into one of his possible backstories. Serena got a last name too, Lynch, and I found out she learned archery from her uncle, Hansel. It's so weird to discover these things--I hadn't thought about even half of them. The dragon didn't have a name when I started, let alone one so humanizing. The remixes may be a struggle, but the content I'm getting out is interesting.

This is all really encouraging. It's a bit of a reassurance that this won't be the last time I see Bree and Serena.

(Lengthy) P.S: I played Destiny obsessively on Sunday, Monday, and the later half of Tuesday mostly so I could get more screenshots of my guardian...
especially since she's so cute when she makes this face
and so I could level her up enough to get rid of that ugly yellow gear she's been wearing since level 17 >_> (I jumped a couple levels really quickly via Light gear, plus my dad saved some mega pink shader for Breathtaker to use after she reached level 20. So cool.)

At one point, the game gave me a new ship, and I didn't like what they offered me. Out of the three options, I picked a sapphire blue model that looked a bit too bulky. I dunno--it wasn't right. So I went into the shopping option and bought a second one, a lean, bluish purple ship, old and rundown; it seemed like something Bree would want.

And I was showing it off to my dad when my brother popped in and was all, "HEY DATS MY SHIP."

We have the same model DDDx ughhhh. I should have known. It's one of the cheap, early models, anyone would have it. But this really bothered me. He said he bought it agesss ago because his warlock guardian's powers look...purple-y, so having a purple ship makes sense. But I don't careeee. It's more Bree's style!

After some arguing (HE REFUSES TO BUY ANOTHER ONE), we headcanon'd that his guardian and mine are siblings--even though they're not even the same race--and they're so cheap they lend the ship back and forth to each other every other missions. We had to settle on a name for it; right now, it's called Void Specter. He also had jokingly made up a Crusader name for himself (using the rules I'd established for my universe, of course) and said it was Sunbreaker At Twilight. How and why did he break the/a sun and how the hell was it at twilight? Who knows...

But because of the sudden headcanon of siblinghood**, he decided his guardian will take the name.

Which Now, if/when I write the actual story inspired by the game and these thingies, Breathtaker's gonna have a Crusader brother. A robot brother. Called Sunbreaker :D

Color coded siblings!***
(This was after I told my brother his guardian wasn't "purplish" enough to fly Specter.
He was wearing some ugly orange shader combo >_>)
It's going to be so cool! >.<


*Not that I dislike the original song used there; in fact, I adore it. It's called The Children. I made it part of my mini-playlist for Pulse and Eidolons. It's just that Journey to Skyhold is a bit...more...majestic? Bombastic? IDK, it's just bigger. I've been listening to the DA:I soundtrack as I write these short stories and VE sooo...I get influenced >_>

**WHY ISN'T THIS A WORD? *grumble, grumble*

***HeronCalaris is just the account name. Cuz just like I'm always Darth Lolita, my dad/the three of us are always collectively Heron. (Which is also the name of my dad's guardian, a human Titan level 31. He plays this game more than anyone in the house :P)

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