Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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I totally planned a long rambling post where I just got all sad and stuff and doubted my future as a writer and blah blah blah because workshop anticipation/fear makes it really difficult for me to have any confidence. And weirdly enough, while workshop was going on I did get really sad because so much of the focus was about the world and questions people had and general confusion. They just really wanted me to clarify certain things and talk more about Crusader culture, the village, the origins of the giant, etc. Which is fine, but I was wondering if, in the prose level, I was failing.

By the time I got home to actually read the individual critique letters I got my answer: nope. Prose is fine. So there went like seven days of worry totally rendered useless.

My prose isn't perfect, obviously. I had some awkward sentence constructions. A lot of repetitions with "he said....she said...he stood...she went...he had...". I also have a lot of stock gestures/phrases I need to get rid of (damn cliches) plus the actual actions that go on in the climax need to be reworked a bit. (I'll have to restructure the choreography, basically. Which is a very warranted criticism since I thought the least about that section). But even though workshop kept focus on the questions and confusion, there was a lot of positive stuff in the critique sheets. What I got out if it is basically that I need to be a bit more on the nose with things. Clarify is the word that came up a lot. On the one hand, I was worried about the opposite problem. I thought I was being wayy too focused on the world building. But turns out I needed even more in some sections and less in others.

Overall, the best part of it is: most people were entertained by it >.> Either they liked the world or they liked the action or they liked the pacing or liked the mother-daughter relationship or just something in general drew them in. And maybeee it's totally shallow thing to talk about, but I'm glad that's the overall consensus. Even if it's a bit of a mess right now, at least it's an entertaining mess. It means I'm in the right track.

I'll probably start revisions now even though I really should give it more time. It's just easier to work while I have the energy rather than put it off for later and have it become more daunting of a task. (Cuz laziness).

So I'm good right now. If the prose is solid, the foundation is solid. I can work up from there.

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