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30 Week Writing Survey - Week 30: Tag

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Quick updates: I was actually a good child last week.

Or well...kind of.

I mean...aside from the fact that I started marathoning yet another K-drama. I couldn't help it! I finished Healer and My Love From The Star, then randomly started one called High School Love On--and I have the sneaking suspicion that's not...translated exactly right.

As I was watching the first episode, I was all "this girl--she's so cute D: how is this level of cuteness possible?"
She plays an angel.
Isn't that just perfect casting?

And I looked up the actors and got a bunch of 20something year olds playing high schoolers. Which is annoying but expected.

And then

and thennn

I saw



It's so weird. It's like the second I saw how old she was, it just clicked into place that yes, she really does look like a fourteen year old. She might have even been younger if they filmed the episodes while she was just thirteen.

The actual drama is meh, but she's such a good actress. So adobz.

But I can't get over the fact that a love triangle romance thingy is getting built up >__> Like, what in all hell...??

Anywayssss. The reason for my good child-ness: I finished stuff! I did actual homework!

I messed up my sleep schedule mega hardcore for like three days straight, but I got a lot of work done, even some household stuff (laundry and cooking). By the time Saturday happened, I had the weekend open to just writing. So I did. I rewrote a little flash fiction story of mine that I'm considering sending somewhere, and I wrote in Vanguard's Exodus.

And do you know how much I have now? :D

Guess. Guess guess guess.

77k words! D:<

Which means, I am almost at the incredible 80k. And I've already written one of the larger action scenes I'd been dreading for a while. Granted, it totally reads like crap at the moment, but getting it down rather than just imagining it is the only way it's going to improve. how the whole novel feels like at the moment >.> The entire manuscript is a totalll mess, especially Miranda's chapters since they focus a lot more on the science and the planning and have a lot more conversations.

I won't worry about that now. I'll have plenty of time to think of how to fix it while I'm fixing MG. For that one, I've already considered a lot of changes, and I'm imagining a lot of fun scenes to add in at the first half of the story. It's going to be fun~ And it'll give me a lot to work on in between job hunting.

Anyway, here's the last blog challenge thingy D: it's not really even a question...

QUESTION 30: Final question! Tag someone! And tell us what you like about that person as a writer and/or about one of his/her characters!

I don't follow too many mutual writers so I don't know who to tag D; I guess I could maybe ask Ava Jae of Writeability fame whenever she's up for a weekly survey. I've sadly never read anything from hers, but her blog is pretty informative and fun. Plus I think she has a book coming out soon--like this or next year. It should be fun to finally read something fictional from hers after following her advice for so long :D We tend to agree about a lot of things, and I think her blog was one of the reasons I jumped back in on the NaNo train in 2012. When I saw how excited she was (among other bloggers), it kind of gave me this Christmas Eve level of anticipation and energy. I'm really glad I got back into the NaNo-ing, because without it I wouldn't have Ataraxia or VE.

But yeah, I guess that's it for the writing survey challenge. I actually finished it this time around @_@ Go meeeeee. I accomplished something!

I'll have to think of something else now that'll force me into weekly updates >.> We'll see what I find. I guess I could finally pick up the other challenge I abandoned--won't that make the tags a huge confusing mess? ;D

Also, thank Batman I finished this right before finals week could hit me. Blog challenges get abandoned when the evil semester comes to an end :P

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