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Friday Blog Challenge: Basics

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Like I mentioned in the last post, I saw Mad Max: Fury Road last Saturday with Giselle and Anthony. And even right now, I cannot stop thinking about it. Ughhh. I think I'm gonna go ahead and rank it among my favorite movies of all time. I can't deny my love for it.

It makes me want to go back to Ataraxia, as if I wasn't already battling that need to begin with. A world of criminals, a world of madness...what's not to love? D:<

(And just like I said before, it was really weird to watch that movie and see the shit that went down on Game of Thrones a few days later. Since so many people have already discussed it and talked about it, I'm not gonna do it, especially since I'd have to put spoiler warnings everywhere. I'm probably never watching the show again and I've stopped considering it being part of my favorites. But hey, if I start to feel sad about it and how women in general are written, I'll think of Mad Max: Fury Road and try to feel a little bit better :D Plus, I've still got ASOIAF. And the long, grueling wait for TWOW returnssss in full-force.)

Quick updates on other stuff: I hit 90k in Vanguard's Exodus, and I also got around to redoing the end of the outline to accommodate some things and make others more clear. That and so I'd get the excuse to add more blue into my new wall of sticky-notes.
Slightly far view to show the general set-up.
Ahh yiss. It's making a come back with all new content, and since that's just the tiny area next to my desk, I'll be able to move on to this one pretty soon:
All that empty space. Look how it waits for me.
This reminds me--last week or something, when Silvia took me to go see Ex Machina, the mad-scientist creator Oscar Isaac dude had a giantttt wall full of sticky-notes behind his computer.

I felt immediate kinship and shouted "DATS MY WALL!"

(Well, more like whispered it. We were in a theater after all.)

I also got new glasses! Which is about as exciting as my life has gotten this week.
Yes, this is a bathroom selfie. I can hear your judgement.

(Look, Hannibal is finally making an appearance!)

I'd apologize for my inability to take decent selfies or for the state of my hair--but I just wanted to show off quickly. They're so clearrr. I didn't realize how blurrier my vision had gotten in the last few years. And I really like these glasses more than I liked my old ones. These are actually kind of cute, in my opinion, and the clarity means I feel a bit more encouraged to keep writing for hoursss.

Speaking of which, that's kind of a struggle for technical reasons. My computer, Luna Athena, is slowllyyy trying to die on me. It got slapped the other day by a paperback book of mine and though it wasn't the finishing blow, it's getting real close.

To give it a break I've been writing on the desktop of the living room, but on Wednesday afternoon, after my brother kicked me out, I resorted to a backup. First my brother's gaming laptop, which is older than Luna Athena and therefore dyinggggg as well.

And then, surprisingly, to my very first laptop, Isadora001.

I'm shocked it's still working. The mouse functions are kind of all over the place and the battery isn't in the best of states (was dead, after charging it in full, dies in like 10 minutes without warning me first), but after I set it up in the second desk on the living room, connected it to my brother's charger, and cleaned the worked!
It already had the Legion background too!
Which is kinda weird since I stopped using this laptop back in like 2010/2011.
Like her sister Luna, it takes her about thirty minutes to start overheating. And the worst part is, plugging in the external USB fan to it does nothing. It just doesn't work! But Isa also cools down faster, so, you win some, you lose some.

It's so weirddd to be using it again after all this time. I got it when I was eleven. I wrote The Night Kingdom, Broken, and Redemption on it. And it's heavier than I remembered.

Anyways, enough for updates. We're back to the weekly blog challenge! I've picked Friday mornings for it, just to switch things up a little bit. Since I managed to finish the last one I started and I feel weird not updating my blog on a regular basis, I've decided to do this one.

Original challenge found here!

Week 1: Basic Things About Yourself.

Let's do this in bullet points!
  • I'm nineteen years old--and that's scary.
  • I'm a college graduate--and that's scarier.
    • from FSU, majored in English, minored in Film History.
  • I type really fast.
  • I read moderately fast.
  • I'm bilingual but I've always wished I could speak more languages. It's too bad I suck at learning them >:(
    • And I think I compensate this by always having characters that speak multiple languages. Srsly.
  • I was born in Ecuador, became an American citizen.
  • I'm a sci-fi and fantasy nerd.
  • I'm a feminist.
  • I'm tiny--barely break five feet, one inch in height.
  • I'm the eldest of two children--have a lil brother who's not so little anymore. (Jerk. I should still be the tallest).
  • I'm always a rogue in video games. 
  • I've done competitive swimming in the past, and even though my form kind of sucks now and I'm slower than I used to be, it seems I've never forgotten that training. Or all that yelling. The echoing sounds that a crowded pool makes often makes me anxious. And the smell of chlorine makes me super nostalgic and flashback-y >_>
  • I'm not too sure if any of this still counts as basic info.
  • Favorite color is electric blue.
  • Favorite motorcycle series is the Kawasaki ninja. Kind of hope I'll own one some day~
  • I'm a writer. Forgot to add that first <.< 
And that's it, I think? Kinda a broad question, but that's all I could think of :P

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