Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: Looking Forward To...

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So quick updates: I'm still getting weird moments of just being all frowny-face, but for the most part, I feel pretty good. Cleaning the house while listening to an audiobook seems to be a good distraction. (It's helping me catch up with The Lunar Chronicles before the last book comes out this year).


And good news.

Luna and Isadora were trying their best to stay afloat, but on Saturday, my parents finally decided to buy me a new laptop (probably so I'd stop my daily panic attacks at the thought of losing data).

It's an Aspire Switch 10. I was going to make it so that all my Dells were versions of Isadora (Isadora001, Isadora002), and all Acers were versions of Luna, but this one ended up with a new name!

It's named after another important A.I. of Vanguard's Exodus, the one who operates the entire ship and has the avatar of a little boy in viking chainmail armor.

Isn't he so cute? So tinyyyy. So lighttt. It's magic.

It's probably my last present for a while >_> But at least it'll last me a little over four years or so, and by then, I'll have my own job and money, right? (PLEASE SWEET BATMAN LET IT BE THAT WAY).

And I forgot something else from last week! Ren had vouchers for a buffet sushi restaurant, and she took me and Silvia to it.
Welp, this wasn't the sushi place, it was some sweets shop we stopped by.
Didn't buy anything but look--so cute! I love pretty pastries.
In other news--Hannibal is a total jerk about selfies.
Quality tanked >.> But we're all smiling brightly, so I'm posting it.
That's it for updates~

Week 2: Something You Look Forward To In The Next 12 Months.

Finishing up Millennium Girl and getting it up to the querying stage.

It's weird to say I'm looking forward to it since I know it's going to pain me so much. Revisions and I...are not the best of friends. I'm an impulsive writer. I like to shove my characters in random directions and then see if they stick to what I planned or if they just laugh in my face and go running off. Revisions don't exactly allow for that to happen and planning and structure and looking at the forest and the trees.

I've never successfully revised a manuscript to a point where I've looked at it and thought, "yes, this is ready, this is publishable." Because of this, I really am looking forward to having something that I'm proud of--and it might never get picked up by an agent, might never sell to editors, might never find an audience. But getting it done is about the only thing that'll get me close to any of those three things.

Do expect a lot of complaining though. Maybe not here, but on my journals, and at three AM to myself, as I stare out a window and blast music in my ears.

I'm also looking forward to finally driving. I've been avoiding learning and getting a licence because Miami drivers are nuts and I have a crapload of statistics to back me up on that. But it's impossible to properly navigate around this city without a car, so I needed to bite the bullet. And if I get proficiently good at it, it might be easier to learn how to ride a motorcycle in a few years. (That's still the goal. Maybe the Miami drivers will scare me out of that goal/wish in the coming months).

So I'm looking forward to: moving my writing career forward and moving myself up on the road on my own.

I think I did the Growing Up thing all over the place, btw. I was supposed to get my license at sixteen, but that never happened.

Hey, at least I'm learning now? Not like I would have had a car to run around with in college.

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