Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: 3 Things

I said on Wednesday I didn't know if I'd give an update on Vanguard's Exodus or not andddd-

No, no updates. I still don't want to jinx it. If all goes according to plan, I should be able to talk about it...soon, let's say.

On that note, I did suddenly remember that many, many months ago, in this post, I said,
"I got such a good response for the Isadora/Dr. Monroe piece, that I am legitimately sure my next NaNo project could be my best written novel to date. Uh. If I finish it. And get the science right. And the characters--minor and secondary. And write a good ending. And generally don't let the plot slip through my fingers like what happened with Millennium Girl..."
And I just...





Sigh. More on this later. Today, we've got the weekly challenge.

Week 5: Three Things You Like About Your Personality

Uhhh. I made a list once about all the things I dislike about myself. Why? Because I'm a weirdo, that's why. And I was really angry at something I'd done and feeling terrible for myself. I finished said list at like midnight and decided I'd write the second one--the one where I write what's good about myself--the next day.

And then I never got around to it.

So I guess this challenge question is technically my retribution? I guess I do need this kind of thing right now.

I'm not very good at analyzing the good in me. I think most people would be pretty piss poor at that task since we can't ever see ourselves objectively. But I'll give it a go.

You might not agree with this list, but hey, I never claimed it wasn't biased >.>
  • I'm imaginative: 
    • The bad way of saying this is "easily distracted". I think I've spaced out a number of times in important conversations and awkwardly spent ten minutes afterwards trying to figure out what I missed. But because I'm a writer and because I have about a dozen people--at any given time--living in my head, I'm always thinking about them and their stories. I go over scenes a bunch of times, and while a few of them sometimes don't get worked into the narratives I'm writing, most do make it to a book or a short story. Being imaginative means I'm very rarely bored. I just need a pen or pencil and something to write, and if not, I can do with just staring into space while I listen to music, and I'll be content with whatever's playing in my head. Even though I'm not yet a master of language exactly (grrr, dead prose is dead), I think I do have enough imagination to keep me going for the next fifty years of writing. I doubt I'll ever run out of ideas
  • I'm a good listener
    • Ghaaa--I almost didn't want to put this one because every person in the goddamn universe thinks of themselves as Good Listeners and that just makes me wonder if we all think we're perfect angels of compassion. But when I do think about it, I'm certain I've often been able to lend a friendly ear to people and hopefully be able to talk through their problems. I may not always be good at it and I can have my moments of selfishness where I force people to listen to my problems (though I imagine having this blog and a million leather journals have helped tone that down a teensy bit), but I do try. And I don't think it's some kind of burden nor do I find it taxing on me. It does make me worry that sometimes I'm not saying the right thing, and if I have no idea what to say or do, I feel even worse. But I'mma attribute that to the fact that I haven't lived a full life yet . There's only so much wisdom I can have >.>
  • I can be humble
    • Uhm. In some things. I get weird, self-centered moments where my self-esteem shoots wayyy too high about some skill or trait of mine, and I'm not above sometimes comparing myself to other people. But I think this kind of serves to balance out moments of crippling self-doubt and self-hatred. So while there are spikes every now and then, most days of the week, those things collide a little bit and help me stay humble without being completely self-deprecating. It's mostly taught me to take compliments rather than blindly try to deny them--even if the need still exists. If someone compliments my writing, I won't say, "it's nothing special," or if someone compliments my appearance, I won't say, "oh, I'm really not [pretty/dressed well/whathaveyou.]" I just say thank you, and I believe it without really letting it get to my head....
      • Okay, that's a lie. I believe it, don't let it get to my head, then three hours later I'm lying on the floor of my room going SOMEONE LIKED MY STORY. (But that's the delirious Boost in Self-Esteem phase. I swear it only lasts like an hour).
I'm gonna regret this list tomorrow, aren't I?

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