Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: Detailed Day

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Not many updates today since this week's been kind of meh. (Got vaccinated on Wednesday. Rode the metro for the first time. Complained about the heat and boredom the rest of the week >.>)

But I did find this while googling my username: Darth Vader...kind of by orenji-no-ame. SO CUTE!

Actually, there are a lot of cute things that pop up if you google "Darth Lolita."

You know, for the Christmas Star Wars premiere, I should see if I can figure out how to dress like a true Darth Lolita. Adorableee.

Aside from that, I guess I made a Pinterest for that...not-project of mine.

But it's still not a project. This pinterest means nothing. It's not a project even if I somehow found an empty composition notebook and started writing on it and even gave it a working title. Nope. Not a project. I've already got other projects going on. Pshhh.

Week 3: Your day in detail.

Seeing as this is going up at 6 am Friday, this is obviously for Thursday :P

Quick confession: I don't...have exciting days. In fact, Wednesday was probably more exciting since I actually went out of the house to do stuff. Sorry. Boring person here.

But this is what happened today:
  • Woke up, spent like twenty minutes lying in bed and texting people.
  • Went to make coffee and set the AC to a colder setting
  • Read a bit of Essence and made some notes for my review.
  • Realized I had to do laundry so got up to start that.
  • Chugged coffee and ate waffles. 
    • Fed lil brother some waffles as well.
  • Read Stormdancer and started fangirling at the writing.
  • Opened the VE word document.
  • Got distracted and read some more from the books
  • Awesome song kicked in so I reread a fight scene from VE and edited. 
    • Laughed at some angry comment I made to myself about a month ago.
  • Then went back to reading books
  • Folded laundry while listening to the Cress audiobook.
  • Got dragged to Pollo Tropical because my brother and I were too lazy to prepare lunch.
    • Promptly regretted this decision because it's so hotttt and humid out and the place is like a fifteen minute walk through mean intersections without crosswalks.
    • We saw like three cop cars on the way and briefly wondered if we'd get yelled at for jaywalking despite having no other choice.
  • Got back, lied on the couch and put the audiobook on the bluetooth speaker thingy so I could just laze around and cool down a bit.
  • Swept and mopped floor.
  • Vacuumed carpet in my bedroom.
  • Finally put audiobook on pause.
    • Was sad at a death that happened ;-;
  • Cleaned bathroom a bit.
  • Blissful shower.
  • Brownie break!
  • Briefly glanced at beta reading stuff some guy from reddit sent me. 
    • I should get on that soon >.>
  • Did more reading. 
    • Stormdancer made me laugh. Yukiko's an adorable badass.
  • Studied for the permit test.
    • (The Florida Driver's Handbook is on Goodreads, and I'm tempted to list it cuz I've already fallen behind on my challenge. The only thing preventing me is...I don't want to be the only person to give it a rating or whatever >.>)
  • Wrote a few more lines in VE, pausing to read, text people, and then read some more.
  • Tossed out one of my brother's bed sheets because it's scary-old and a weird color and torn. Gave him clean, new ones and made his bed with 'em. Realized it'll be the last time that bed'll look nice and unwrinkled and neat and stuff for the next two seasons <_ li="">
  • Watched new episode of Carmilla.
    • I keep briefly considering watching Gilmore Girls, but only because I realized recently that one of the characters, Rory, is a bookworm, and that sounds cute. Maybe after I take the permit test... I don't need more distractions.
  • Washed dishes.
  • Scribbled a few lines in the Not-Project non-existent composition notebook.
  • Said hi to my parents as they came in. Talked with my mom a bit.
  • Wrote some more for VE.
    • I really shouldn't try to guess and eyeball the possible wordcount completion (because I'm never correct with it) but I'm starting to worry it's going to take another 50k words to finish.
      • Maybe. We'll see Dx Hopefully way less than that...
      • Although I don't want to rush it either.
  • Studied some more.
  • Wrote and read some more.
  • Realized I forgot my phone in the living room (charging) and went to get it. My dad was watching some super depressing TED talk and I was curious yet confused.
  • Started to get ready for bed.
  • Wrote this post.
  • Suddenly remembered I didn't eat dinner. Whoops. Too late now, I value a steady sleeping schedule over food.

Huh. I didn't play any video games today.

How weird.

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