Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: Siblings

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It was mostly through coincidence, but it's good that I picked Ender's Game for Monday's entry since today's blog challenge is about siblings. Ender's Game is one of my brother's favorite books, second only to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He read Ender years before I got around to it and hyped it up big time for me.

(There's a part of me that's jealous of Orson Scott Card because he wrote the one book people close to me love: my mom, my brother, Silvia, Giselle... they all like it!

One day...)

Week 7: Siblings.

Last New Year's Eve.
My brother and I have kind of grown up close over the years and then also nearly killed each other daily during our super early elementary school and late middle school/early high school time. In between fighting over the gaming consoles on the living room and how messy he is/how much of a neatfreak I am, we've managed to maintain a good relationship over time, more so now than in childhood and early adolescence.

I actually didn't talk to my brother a lot--or even at all--while I was away at FSU. I think we sent a text to one another maybe once every four months or so, and it was usually to ask something specific not just to talk. It's also why I know we probably won't communicate that much when he goes off to UF this fall.

Side note: and if you live in Florida or care anything about college football, you'll notice that he is indeed picking my school's primary rival as his alma mater. It's kind of great how our sibling rivalry got the full academic upgrade.

Despite that, whenever we do see each other, it's pretty easy to talk to him. He's told me about a few of his problems so I can give him some advice and he gets to listen to me whine whenever I start to worry about my writing. We have somewhat similar tastes in terms of music, particularly when it comes to Nine Inch Nails and rock in general. We beat Halo 3 in Legendary together and he helped with a ton of the large scale fight scenes in Redemption. Even now, I go to him for some combat and weapons related questions.

While we did have a couple of years where we couldn't really stand each other for long periods of time, I still stand by the fact that it was good siblinghood* for one reason: we were always backing each other up. Whenever he messed up, or I messed up, or something stupid happened, we never ran off to either of our parents to tell on each other. Keeping secrets and guiding one another was one of those things you were just supposed to do as siblings.

He's barely two years younger than me (already a lot taller--because genetics hate me) and just graduated from high school about a month ago. At the moment, he's planning to study biology and become a veterinarian, but whether or not he stays on that path or changes his mind, I wish him the very best. I do hope he finds success and happiness in life.

Bonus picture of us firing off a bunch of ground fireworks, in honor of Fourth of July:

Love of explosions run in the family.

*Srsly why isn't this a word...?


  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Ender's Gaaaame~ @_@

    For some reason I thought it was Thursday so this post really confused me @_@

    1. Long weekend confusion. I forgot Friday was coming up except yesterday near midnight. So thrown off...


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