Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: The Weather

Two quick update thingys: I've been watching Sense8 in between all the writing. I keep trying to space it out rather than marathon everything in a day, but it's difficult. I do love the series so far. Maybe partially because I am in love with Bae Doona and I'm probably always gonna be drawn to her work, but I kind of also love all the main eight characters and the people connected to them. All of them. I don't know--it's just a perfect cast. I only have one episode left, so I keep stalling, not wanting it to end. Maybe I'll finish it as soon as we get a season 2 announcement.

Second, I've been doing catch-up with the Lunar Chronicles lately, since the last book, Winter, comes out later this year. I'm usually not one for finishing series or getting into sequels, and I am definitely not into spin-offs or prequels or whatever. There's so many books out there, I'd rather get to experience new stories than stick with familiarity. (Which is neither a good or bad thing. Lots of people like expanded series and that's awesome too).

But I guess the Lunar Chronicles is the exception. I didn't just read the available sequels, I also decided to give the prequel a try. It's a villain prequel at that, told from the POV of a younger Queen Levana, and that's usually really risky. When author try to over explain their villains, they end up ruining them, but this works! Fairest is actually proving to be really enjoyable.

It made me realize something: usually when I come across a concept that's almost totally perfect in its execution, I can't imagine every trying anything like it myself. Like, I'll never do anything with the four "elements" of water, fire, earth, and air, because Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra happened. I can't imagine ever doing anything with the concept that would surpass ATLA and LOK, or that wouldn't be influenced by it. And now, I can't imagine I'd ever even try a fairy tale retelling. The Lunar Chronicles is everything a fairy tale retelling should be and I don't know if I'd ever come up with an idea not influenced by it--so I'll probably leave the concept alone.

Anyways, enough fangirling :D On with the challenge.

Week 10: The Weather.

Oh man. I gotta talk about the weather?

Okay, here's the only way I can...all caps:





Weather talk always sucks ):< Maybe it's because I've lived in Miami for so long, but I always get super confused when I hear people want to vacation here. It's like...why? Why would you torture yourself with the humidity and heat? What's there to like!?

I suppose I can't say I'd prefer living in a place that's perpetually freezing because I've never really lived anywhere that regularly goes below 40ºF, but I've always preferred the colder side of the year than the hotter one. (I think Tallahassee once went below 40, and while it was a shock for me, I liked it a hell of a lot more than the 100 degree days here).

Heat wavesss.

Heat wavesssss.

Stretched S's. That's how I probably sound when I'm dying. It's even worse when it rains because then it's hot, wet, and sticky. A sauna in the streets >:(

Did I mention the only reason I'm learning how to drive is because my parents' car doesn't have any AC ventilation thingys in the backseat? The front is nice and cool and the back seats can give you heatstroke?

So unfair. That's why I prefer being in control of the wheel. And the AC dials.

Welp. I complained about the weather today.

This is the bloggiest this blog has ever gotten.

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