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Monday Excerpt: Translucent Threads

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Ah, Marie Lu. I will probably always read her books. I got into her Legend trilogy just as its sequel was coming out and I stayed until the end because she did a favorite thing of mine: dual narrators. I adored reading June and Day's perspectives. That trilogy is also really good at action so originally I was going to try and find an excerpt that reflected that, but while rereading sections of her books, I came across a much quieter moment elsewhere.

After writing YA sci-fi, Lu moved to fantasy with The Young Elites, which had some polarizing reactions from the people I followed on Goodreads. Even I wasn't sure if I loved it or if I was apathetic toward it. (Certainly didn't hate it--although it could have used without the odd snide remarks at sex workers). There are moments where the talk of Adelina's "inner darkness" get to be a little too much, but they don't bother me as much when I see the book as a whole.

Quite often, the magic in this world feels really unique, like it's begging to be part of something bigger. And because of how the first book is written, I trust Marie Lu to continue to expand her world and characters.

I like this section because of that--it feels very inviting to something otherworldly. Not just because of the content, but also the word choice and attention to detail.

"Right now, in some small way, you're connected to everything in here. The mirror, the walls, the air. Everything. Even the gods."
His words stir my memory. I think back to the night of my father's death. When I suspended everything around me, the raindrops and the wind, the world had turned black and white, and translucent threads had glistened in the air. During my burning, I'd seen the color drain from my execution stand before it all came rushing back. 
"Most people don't have enough energy to manipulate their connections to the world. We weren't meant to. But when the fevers affected you and me, something changed in us. Suddenly it linked us to the world in a way that our bodies were never meant to be linked." Raffaele turns my hand so that my palm faces upward, then runs his slender fingers along the inside of my wrist all the way to my fingertips. My skin tingles at his touch.
- The Young Elites by Marie Lu

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