Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: Bag Contents

Week 18: Someone You Miss

...hey...I already answered this question! I'm not answering it again >.> so instead, I'm going to skip a number and we can pretend this is week 19. And then continue on as normal. 

What? So what if it's somewhat cheating? It's my blog and I didn't notice the original blog challenge had a repeat >.> I do wat I want.

Week 19: What's In Your Bag.

I have many bags, yo. But I guess I use a couple primarily.

Since I've started working at an office, I've begun to carry around this giant tote bag everywhere I go. I miss my smaller handbag and blue messenger bag, but for the next few months or so, I'm mostly just going to be using this bag.

This is what I was carrying throughout most of this week:

So, here we go:

1) Small black journal. Sometimes I get a few minutes of a break at work and I've got a 30 minute lunch break, so whenever I can, I like to write a few things here and there, mostly related to my writing and MG. (I am still revising, after all).

2) Pens. Pretty blue pens. Although I usually end up using the ones I have in the office already.

3) Folder with a bunch of stuff. I opened it up to show a bit of the contents. It used to just carry my resume and copies of my diploma, but now its got some notes I made about my work, bunch of sticky notes in the pages, and a list of extensions we use at the office.

4) Mini toothpaste. Errr. For some reason. I'm not sure why I carry it. I don't have a mini toothbrush anywhere.

5) Wallet, of course.

6) Library book. This changes depending what I'm reading but earlier this week it was Uprooted. My commute takes forever with all those buses and metro mover rides so I might as well have something to read. Plus, I read during my lunch break if I have nothing to write.

7) Keys. Lots of keys. For the apartment, for work, for my bike's lock. It's also got attached pepper spray and the mini library card.

8) Umbrella. Cuz Miami is mean and might drench me.

And that's it! In university and high school I used to carry my laptop everywhere but, uh, I don't want to drag it around Miami without cause anymore. That's what the journal is for.

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