Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: Five Passions

Ughhh this entire blog post disappeared and I'm so lazyyyy that I'm just going to make a quick list.

Week 20: Five passions
  • Women's Rights
  • Most people's rights, actually. LGBTQIA+, racial minorities, etc.
  • Storytelling
    • In any medium, really. Film, video games, literature, theater, television.
  • Robots/Artificial Intelligences.
  • Serial Killers
I had like mini points here and everything >_> Stupid blogger. Hiss. Hiss.

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"Science and science fiction have done a kind of dance over the last century... The scientists make a finding. It inspires science fiction writers to write about it, and a host of young people read the science fiction and are excited, and inspired to become scientists...which they do, which then feeds again into another generation of science fiction and science..."
- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.