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Planning Updates #2

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This is going off Tuesday's post.

I haven't gotten much more planning done with Breathtaker and Serena's story, though I'm still considering tackling it sometime this or next year. It could be this year's NaNoWriMo, but since November is close and edits on Millennium Girl are still my priority, that's a very slim possibility. (Plus, work's keeping me busy).

If anything, I think I'd have an easier time working out a plot and world for the fairy tale retelling than I would trying to figure out what the hell the Crusader gang is up to. (Honestly, I'm not sure how I'm going to work a shape shifting dragon into that universe. That's another thing--science fiction dragons? Yay me, way to steal from Anne McCaffrey without even reading her books).

I did figure something out, courtesy yet again of The Lunar Chronicles.

All the "magic" in the Chronicles world is based off the previously discussed bioelectricity, which basically grants certain Lunars the ability to mess with people's minds. Lunars use "glamours" to change perceptions of their own appearances or trigger emotional responses from people. I found it admirable that so much of the worldbuilding in the Chronicles relies on that ability--who has it, how it works, how it has affected people, what it says about Lunar and Earth relations, etc.

In the short story I wrote based off Breathtaker's childhood, the Crusaders studied "ancient magic" to power towns and villages, explore ruins of the precursor civilization, and even defend themselves in combat. The slow reveal in Pulse was that the ancient "thunder and lighting" magic was just electricity and, to that extent, our technology. Therefore, even though Magnetic Truth was called a "Wayfarer Witch" by the village people, the work she did was akin to that of an electrical engineer.

I want to embrace that more. Elemental manipulation in general might be too much for me to tackle, but I think I could build a Crusader society that involves not just good old fashioned electrical engineering, but actual electrokinetic powers. It would have to extend far more than just shooting lighting out of your fingertips--different people should have different variations. Different abilities based off the same foundation.

And going off of that, let me say this: I was watching the Screen Junkies' Movie Science video and got another idea. This one also related to Breathtaker's story. . .and some random annoyance at Destiny. (Purely my fault and killer coincidences).

In the video I linked, Dr. Clifford V. Johnson, an astrophysicist, spoke about the Invisible Woman's power from the Fantastic Four. He said that "maybe what she's doing is bending light around her. . ."

really like that. I've known about the whole force field and invisibility thing, but I like the simple explanation of just bending light around you to project what's behind you. I don't know how well exactly I could work into that with the electrokinetic powers of the Crusaders, but I've been blanking on Sunbreaker's power for ages. Then it clicked. Sun = sun rays = light. Break the light. Bend the light :D

This also might help me with a problem I encountered a few weeks ago >_>

Earlier this year, while playing Destiny, my brother found a pair of gauntlets called Sunbreakers. This was after we'd named his Guardian/Crusader, so I eloquently texted back, "oh shit." While it worried me, I thought, this is probably safe? It's such a minor thing, I'm sure it can technically count as an homage rather than a rip-off. It's not like I'm hiding the fact that the world of Destiny is an inspiration for my book.




(overpriced, that Luke Smith interview, that whole "some exotics are getting moved others aren't" business, the fact that Destiny in general sucked at feeling like a completed project and now they're just milking money out of us gullible fans),

IT HAS ADDED: The Sunbreaker Power.

Let me explain.
(Gameinformer September 2015 cover)
In Destiny, there are three main sources of power the Guardians have: solar, void, and arc. Arc basically being lighting based powers and solar being somewhat like fire. And void being. . .err. . .purple.*

In the original game, a Guardian of a particular class gets two out of the three subclasses. For Titans (like my dad), their two primary powers are Defender (void) and Striker (arc). For Warlocks (like my brother) the powers are Sunsinger (solar) and Voidwalker (void). For Hunters (like me), the powers are Gunslinger (solar) and Bladedancer (arc).

The Taken King opens up a third subclass slot: Hunters get a bow and arrow in the form of Nightstalker*, void subclass, Warlocks get the electrical based power Stormcaller, arc subclass, and Titans get some fuck-all hammer of Sol for their new power called SUNBREAKER, solar subclass.

. . .

There's a lot to unpack here >:(

One, why are Titans called Sunbreakers? D:< It's not like the other powers are Voidefender or Arcstriker! This is bullsheeeet.

Two, my brother and I decided Breathtaker's family ship is called The Void Specter. Void. VOID. FUCK. As if I didn't already feel uncomfortable with the fact that Bladedancers technically have electrical powers (since it's the arc subclass).

Three, Breathtaker's eventual  best friend uses a bow and arrow in my story. Now, Bree's Destiny counterpart is (hypothetically--if I buy TTK) getting a bow and arrow. It's just too close to home!

Fourthe new hunter subclass is called Nightstalker**. Night. Like Breathtaker of Nightfall. (Okay, it's not like "Night" is the most uncommon word in the universe but ugghhhh why meeee....?)

Five, Warlocks, which is one of the subclasses of the Guardian counterpart for Sunbreaker, are getting electrical powers now. NOW. And our Sunbreaker!Guardian is already an exo. A robot. Robot-brother. The similarities just won't and can't end.





I can't use it anymore! T_T it's too much! I could get a perfect gymnastics score and jump and cartwheel and flip through excuses trying to justify its existence, but at this rate, I might as well just dump all my own world building and write this as a Destiny fanfiction. (With dragons***????)


Thankfully, because of that whole. . .bend the light thing, I've settled on Sunbreaker's power being light manipulation. Which is somehow connected to the electrokinesis--I'll need to work out the details.

I've been racking my brain for ages now trying to figure out how he earned his name, and that's perfect: he can turn invisible! And since I need to change his name, I could have it better fit his ability. Breaker can stay, Sun might need to go. I ran Lightbreaker by my brother and he's kind of okay with it, but it might end up as a place holder until I think of a better Crusader name.

I'll also probably have to change the ship name at this rate. Don't know if I could keep Void Specter there in good conscience.

Oh and Bree is never picking up Serena's bow and arrow. She can stick to her sniper, thank you very much.

Breathtaker, Lightbreaker, and Magnetic Truth. . .one big happy family. . .in danger of being called rip-offs.

You cannot imagine the level of stress this has caused. And all this for a story I haven't even started. Hell, since this is all still planning, 90% of this crap could get dumped. Or it could stay and cause so much anger out of Bungie they find reason to sue me and make me cry. Or maybe the finished story won't ever sell and no one will care enough to call the comparisons.


See what I say about inspiration? It's dangerous. Such a fine line to thread.

P.S: I will say the actual content of The Taken King expansion pack sounds somewhat awesome. Personal silliness aside, I think Nightstalker's probably gonna be really fun to play with. I just wish I had more trust in Bungie now to believe the amount of money they're asking for is worth it. It seems to be a staple of gaming nowadays to release games half-finished then "expand" on them through DLCs, even though they're things that should have been there from the beginning.

I don't know if we'll be buying that DLC. My dad, brother, and I are feeling kinda betrayed by Bungie >_> Like most players. We payed for Destiny full price, on release date, and it wasn't enough. So we'll see. . .

*Okay, that makes me sound dumb. But they're Exactly What It Says On the Tin. Void powers are void powers.

**Props to the Bungie guy that picked that name. I don't know if it was on purpose, but it makes me pause and remember it was the title given to known serial killer Richard Ramirez. Guess it strikes fear into the heart.

***Watch the next Destiny expansion pack features an alien race of creatures that look like dragons. I think I'll just cry.

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