Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: Goals for Next Month

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Week 24: Goals For Next Month





Actually, we're still like a week away, but pretenddd. Especially since that odd repetition meant I ended up being a week ahead >.>

It is almost Halloween of course. Mid-October is the true start of the holiday season, plus the time honored tradition that most writers know about and sometimes even partake it despite their better judgement: NaNoWriMo.

Now the question, as always, is, will I be joining? And if I won't be, what will I be doing this glorious November, my first November out of school. . . ?

I said a while ago that I wouldn't do it. But come on. I love to torture myself when it comes to writing. Millennium Girl is still my priority of course. It will always be my priority until the sweet thing either gets rejected by every agent out there or manages to snag me a publishing contract.

But I've liked what I've seen of Death so far. She's sweet in ways I wasn't expecting and utterly spoiled in ways I find too amusing to ever think of ignoring. This is still a side project. Death Awakens has no outline, no research behind it, no giant wall of sticky notes to guide me. But my goal is to write as much as possible for as long as it's fun without sacrificing my other projects and goals. (Mainly involving employment and my urban fantasy novel).

So these are my goals for next month:
  • Continue looking into Child Care work
  • Continue revising Millennium Girl--get at least halfway done.
  • Plunge into NaNoWriMo with Death Awakens
Pretty simple, right? Here's hoping I make it out alive.

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