Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: Memorable Vacation

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Sorry for posting this so late! It's been a surprisingly busy week. And I was, err, distracted yesterday. I will talk about that one day. Maybe soon. Maybe not.

For now, this is the blog challenge.

Week 23: Most Memorable Vacation
My family and I don't take that many vacations, actually, and I've gone on a few trips here and there with friends but they've been fairly short and close to home.

For some reason, the first one that popped into my head was that one time my parents, little brother, and I bused to Orlando to spend six hours at Disney and then bused back. All. On. The. Same. Day.

We got up at some ungodly hour to go there on. . .honestly, I don't even remember which bus we took (I don't think it was Greyhound, it looked a bit nicer). If I'm going off the dates on the picture files (all taken by my dad, by the way), this all happened December 28, 2007. So I was twelve years old and my brother was nine years old. Which, by the way, is reason enough to avoid posting pictures with us in them. That's right smack in the middle of our awkward years--you don't need to see my embarrassingly ugly hair and wardrobe and brother'll kill me if any friends or girlfriends stumble into his cute chubby-cheeks-and-long-hair era images  >.>

I actually don't remember all of it, maybe because we did the usual things one does at Disney--go on rides. We were either being kinda cheap or just plain old didn't have the money for a hotel and a lengthy stay (probably the latter), hence the One Day Trip to Disney. Yet instead of waiting a few years to have enough money to go, my parents decided to take us while we were both still technically kids who would enjoy it. And it was the right choice--I do remember having fun when I went.

I remember the Haunted Mansion--which was awesome. I remember being mildly annoyed that we couldn't stay at the park for the fireworks. I remember. . .Splash mountain, was it? And some part of the park where you pretend you're on a spaceship?

. . .is this failing the memorable part of this prompt?

I also remember that there were all these tiny shops, theaters, and restaurants in the shape of village houses that my parents didn't let us go into. Partially because they figured the food might be too expensive for us but mostly because we were on a time crunch. So sadly we didn't get to eat anywhere. I think we bought stuff at a concession stand really quickly and then we mostly just ate whenever the bus stopped at a plaza.

But I liked how the park looked. I liked the people that smiled all the time and I loved seeing the castle just hanging out in the distance. I liked that it looked like a storybook village in some places. I don't remember seeing any characters in costumes or anything, all I remember are the streets. (Although photographic evidence says we ran into Cinderella's evil step-family. Who knew?)

I think I'd want to go back. Like, not for the rides, but just to sit somewhere, eat and drink something, and write or read with the castle in view. I wouldn't even want to go in any of the rides. I'd be happy people watching. I'm not even that big a fan of Disney stuff in general but I'd want to see the park again. (Or I could always go to the Harry Potter one. I'd still just sit and write somewhere).

I'm definitely getting a hotel room first, though. The drive from Miami to Orlando is sooo boringgggg.


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      What have I learned from this experience? Your inner editor is so mean to my inner editor. I knew the "a" was missing. I knew. And yet I panicked Dx


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