Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: Something You've Never Done

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Real quick--everyone heard about the Twilight special edition, 10th year anniversary thingy that features a rewrite of the first book with the genders reversed? Because I am so hyped to read it. Silvia, Ren, and I are storming Barnes and Noble this weekend and are gonna try and read as much of it as possible. I read the Amazon sample (first two chapters) and it was such a nostalgia trip. It was through criticism and discussion of Twilight in forums that I learned sooo much about writing and feminist critique. Ahhhhh. It's my childhood all over again. The awkward word choice is still there. The flowery prose is still there. It's still offensive to men and women--in all new ways through totally recycled content! Woo! I'm reading friend's updates on Goodreads and it's like a kindling of hate and disgust has been fueled. (Particularly at a really disturbing description of how frighteningly thin and therefore perfect girl!Edward is. It's actually really gross to me).

Also, had a visit from my aunt. She's in Miami for like a day, then on a cruise with her husband and friend, then back to Miami, then off to New York City to see my cousin and uncle. We didn't get to see each other for long but it's been interesting. Got some important news about home which I might write about later. Oh! And presents. She gave me a ton of jewelry: cute bear earrings (that I can't use sadly), a bracelet, and two rings--one of which apparently belonged to my grandmother. I stole the necklace* she gave my mom >.> It's a cute moon. It's Halloween-y. I'll probably show it off later.

Those are my tiny updates :D back to the challenge.

Week 22: One Thing You've Never Done That Most People Have

I'm stuck on that "most" part of the question. I don't know how to give that broad of an assumption about people. So. . .uh. . .let me think?

I've never gone camping. But then again, neither has a good chunk of the people in my inner circle.

I want to say I've never worn a full-face of make-up? But most guys haven't ever worn any amount of make-up. Also, I probably did wear a ton of it when I was in dance back in middle school. (We all did our own make up and hair for the shows. It was actually really fun).

I've never. . .driven a car out of the city I'm currently in? Then again, neither has anyone who doesn't own a car or doesn't have anywhere to go.

Oh! I've never been to a concert? Not an official one. Just small school ones. It makes me kinda sad because Nine Inch Nails actually got close to Miami a couple of times within the last two years--but not close enough that I could go. And even though the Smashing Pumpkins had a concert in here sometime during the summer, Ren and I didn't get to go in the end.

. . .wait, does an orchestral show count as a "concert"? Because I want to a jazz one a long time ago. Got all dressed up for it and everything.

I legit can't think of anything then >:( Difficult question is difficult.

*by which I mean I asked if I could wear it and she said yes. Don't. . .don't arrest me.


  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Actually Ren's going to Horror Nights o-o So she can't storm the Barnes & Nobles this weekend. >->

    1. Awww sad. We'll have to experience the wonder without her D;

      Although now I'm jealous. I wish I could go to Horror Nights.


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