Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: Special Day

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I forgot to mention my brother actually paid us a visit last weekend. We played Halo 3 and Reach campaign, wondered about Halo 5, talked about his Japanese class and chemistry lab (as well as his major), and had Chinese food. He's wayyy skinnier than when he left and he got taller! Now, at 5'9'', he's officially the tallest in the house >:( Damn kid. Needs to quit growing.

I've missed him all week. I can't wait to see him again Thanksgiving.

Week 25: What Made Your Day Special?

Ah, speaking of family. . . .

This is for yesterday, October 29th. What made it special? I made three people cry. Made four of them upset. I'm counting myself in both of those.

First was a boy. That same boy I was rambling about on that post from last weekend. Our quick meeting yesterday didn't end that well--he fled, I fumed, and hours later on the phone, I lost it a little bit. He admitted to some fault but also tried to use it as an excuse--if that makes any sense. And I spent a lot of time being really disappointed in us. Him for making this same mistake once more. Me for knowing better and yet acting against my better judgement. Both of us for being pushy on a certain issue. We didn't resolve all that much, but we ended the phone call in slightly better spirits. He understood why I was upset and promised it wouldn't happen again. And I'm grateful for that.

Then, about twenty minutes after me and this guy hung up, I got into a fight with my parents. Same fight as always, just tweaked around a bit. I don't really get what happened all that much. They were mad at how I'd been acting the last few days. I finally told them I regret going to college and regret that they sent me there in the first place and they got really angry and said I'm blowing things out of proportion and being miserable and distant and that I have it better than most people. And that's probably all true. Doesn't erase that regret.

The confusing thing was, when we finally calmed down a bit, my father kept saying, "but you need to be patient."

Which I find strange. If anything, they don't seem all that patient with this situation. Less so than me.

It wasn't a very good day, to be honest. And it's weird to be forced to work with the word "special" when it has so many positive connotations. But that's what happened. That's how the day went down and that's how I have to look at it.

But on the upside. . .one terrible day probably means the rest of the weekend is gonna be better, right?

Wait, okay. There's a better way to look at it. Two ways.

1) After both of those, I got another phone call from the boy. He made me realize I was partially at fault for what happened. And he made me realize that without ever accusing me of anything. It just took some introspection and a clear head to come to that, but I'm glad I did. And just overall he made me feel better.

2) At the end of the day, sleep-deprived, puffy-eyed, looping really depressing music into my ears, I sat down to keep revising. It's still going. I'm still writing. That's a victory.



  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Aww ;-; No crying.

    If your parents tell you the 'you have it better than most people' thing come to me so we can find a nice wall to bang our heads against. >_> I hate that one.

    1. I'm better now :)

      And yeah it's so painfully dismissive @_@ ughhhh.


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