Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: Never Get Tired Of...

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Still alive >_> Post was slightly late today; had a busy morning and I didn't have time to start it during the week. Thankfully Hannibal the android phone is here for a quick post.

Week 26: Something You Could Never Get Tired of Doing

I wanted to say NaNoWriMo a week ago but seeing as how I've already fallen behind and am currently in panic. . . . Nah, I'm already so mad at it Dx Every time I'm mid-November, I hate NaNo. Then the torture stops and I'm all, "weee, can't wait for next year!"

I thinking about November a lot. It's not just the time of pain, it's also right in the middle of the holiday season. And so going off that, I guess I never get tired of the holidays. I should be too old and too broke to fully enjoy Christmas. Should be too old and not wild-party-girl enough to celebrate Halloween. I have a small family so Thanksgiving shouldn't be a big deal. I never go anywhere for New Years. I'm usually single whenever Valentine's Day comes around. No BBQs to go to for my Fourth of July's.

But I still enjoy those holidays. Still find each and every single one fun. And I better keep finding them fun or happy or the Time Of Discount Chocolate as I grow older >:D

Another thing I never get tired off are midnight/early premiers for movies. I've only gone to a handful. Man of Steel was my first official one. But I've kept going to a ton more with friends. The next one is Force Awakens, of course, which I'll see when I'm officially 20 years old. It's always kinda perfect. Biggest fans, long but energetic lines, packed theaters, avoiding all possible spoilers.

Tis awesome. Midnight releases are always generally fun--I've gone to a couple video game ones, though not for a while. Last one was for Halo 4.

Never gone to a book launch one. Not yet. If Winds of Winter is ever released in our lifetime, I am going full nerd and camping out at a Barnes and Noble.

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