Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Pictures

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Late pictures are late--but Halloween was quite fun! Rainy morning--gloomy and grey and perfect for the holiday. I had early candy for breakfast--which is an apt way to describe my eating habits for the last five or so days. Then Silvia and I ran to the library and then back home to play Broken Age. Which was. . .surprisingly interesting and frustrating and. . .suggestive? Maybe we just have really dirty minds, but we could have swore we were getting double entendres from this particularly angry tree we chopped in the face.

Never have we talked so intricately about the implications of sap.



At around 5 pm, Silvia, Ren, and I went to a restaurant to eat burgers. The first one we went to was closed early. Because, like, people actually love Halloween as much as we do and decided to celebrate it properly D; leaving us burger-less. The second restaurant was opened so we went there, ate, and then off to Maria Gabriela's house for candy and movies.

We saw three of them. Unfriended, the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th, and Scream. I slept through one and a half of them on top of people. It was quite cozy. (I can hear the judgement. But I'm an old lady with a 9 pm bedtime; no shame). 

EDIT: Bonus picture of the trio

Lots of pizza, lots of soda, way too much sugar, silly movies. So a successful Halloween.

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