Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Excerpt: Maze of Monochrome


I had to save the best for last :D It's the final week of November; I had to pick something special.

I'm considering returning to more lyrics/poems excerpts in the future just so I can show more of Trent Reznor's lyrics. I can pin point the influence his music has had on just about every one of my recent books, characters, themes, etc.

I've mentioned before that when I write, I don't often pay close attention to the lyrics. I hear them, but I'm not thinking about them consciously, they just blend in with the rest of the music. When I'm not writing, however, I do focus on the words.

I've picked this one because I've been focusing on Millennium Girl a lot this month, but I can't forget that this year belonged to the first draft of Vanguard's Exodus. This song was one of the biggest influences on it, particularly as I thought over the change and dilemmas my heroine goes through.

The lyrics manage to stand on their own, but it is just a great song overall.

The sky is not the same shade of blue
Every single thing
I believe isn't true
Missing in a maze of monochrome
How did I get here
How can I go home?

The echos in my eyes
Of all they used to see
Burning down the world
The ashes and debris
And all that's left of me

Try to stand in line
Try to obey
The ghosts of what I was keep getting in the way
Staring at the sun
Blinded by the light
Now I'm afraid I'm fading out of sight

The echos in my eyes
Of all they used to see
Burning down the world
Ashes and debris
And all that's left of you
And all that's left of me
All have washed away

- Non-entity by Nine Inch Nails

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