Sunday, November 15, 2015

Updates (Friends Travel, I Eat Food)

Quick updates for the week.
  • I got Fallout 4 after spending all of Veteran's Day doing laundry and cleaning the house. It was my bargain with my father--I washed and dried and folded his and my mother's clothes in exchange for a game.
    • And it's been fun so far! I made Serena and took a couple of screencaps, but because it's still so early in the game, she doesn't have the best outfit yet. So never fear, I will share pictures when she starts to look more and more badass.
  • Ren, Silvia, and Maria Gabriela ended up going to Baltimore mid-week for some. . .university-club-engineering-major-networking-interviews thingy magingy. >.> It just sounded awesome. 
    • Far as I can tell, it seems to involve steampunk hotel designs, free breakfast, questionable living arrangements, way too many miniature boats, marathon interview sessions, and cool weather. It sounds like it's been pretty fun; I got some pictures sent my way by Silvia to share here.
    • Yes, breakfast food picture evidence is the most important thing. Next to pictures of tall buildings.
    • I kinda wanna post the selfie Ren posted on Twitter of her and Maria in the plane, but I should probz ask first. Either way, I was super jealous. They all got to FLYYY.
  • Speaking of traveling, despite the fact that he's already coming to visit us Thanksgiving week, my brother decided to drop by on Friday night.
    • Although apparently him and his friends took the wrong turn, were forced to drive 60 mph on the highway, and then somehow got caught in midnight Miami traffic. So he technically got here on Saturday morning. Twenty-five minutes past midnight to be exact.
      • Jerk made me stay up T_T
    • We didn't tell our parents again to surprise them. When they saw me running to the door and opening it at that hour (whilst they were reading about terrorist attacks no less), it almost triggered a chain reaction heart-attack.
    • Honestly, he totes visited just so he could play Fallout 4. We spent a few minutes making his character and then later dressing him up proper in Mad Max gear--along with a cowboy hat and sunglasses. Perf.
    • My brother mostly hung out with us on Saturday. He had plans to go to the beach with friends but they fell through, so we gamed and ate pizza.
    • The night he got here, I followed him around with my phone camera while he was scouting out food.
  • All these people going on highways, taking planes. Meanwhile, I bus on occasion to Downtown or Miami Beach and eat Kosher food. 
    • Although tbh, it doesn't taste all that different. Maybe there's just no way to truly alter the taste of sushi and chocolate? 
      • The pizzas + vegetarian Dunkin Donuts shops were interesting.
    • Plus I stalk pretty cars outside of hotels by the shore.
  • Last thing: I'm taking an online + in person course with the Red Cross for CPR and first aid. It's to get a certification and finally (finally!) be able to work as a babysitter and at a day care.
    • I finish on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Hoping all goes well--wish me luck D:
    • Also planning to finally get my licence within a month. Just gotta practice parking a ton. I wanna get it before my birthday so. . .we'll see how ready I am within the next few weeks.

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