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Weekend Updates

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This post is actually a prelude to something I want to talk about later. When I tried to write it all together, I ended up prefacing it with completely unrelated points that just got longer and longer.

I figured trying to put all this update stuff in with my other, rambling point would be too messy. So here we go--updates! Just of Friday and Saturday.

  • I finished the online portion of the CPR/First Aid class around midday and am now panicking about Tuesday. For no reason, really, just in-person stuff makes me nervous. Plus I hate that even though I'm outside of school, I still have to take exams and go to classes and stuff >_> I graduated. I should be forever done with that kind of thing.
    • But I say that and yet I waited till the age of 19 to properly learn how to drive. I'm still hoping to get that out of the way before I turn 20 but we'll see how much parking practice I can get done over Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Silvia picked me up around 3 pm and we drove to UM to meet up with Ren and head to the Book Fair. No one wanted to park in Downtown so we took the metro-rail there and ran into a couple of other friends along the way. Twas fun.
  • We got to the book fair a tad late but I still saw a couple of interesting things. 
  • One was that my Fall 2014 non-fiction workshop professor was one of the guest-authors. His book was being sold there.
(Sorry for weird angle. It was a rushed picture).
    • I didn't buy a copy because one, I'm cheap, and two, the story doesn't interest me that much, but I did lament at the fact that I couldn't go see him talk about the book. I hope he scored some good sales.
    • And I actually did know about the book previously because I put all my writing professors through a Google/Wikipedia/Goodreads stalkfest. It's how I recognized the cover the second I saw it. It was still a surprise to run into it.
  • Though a lot of the booths were closing, right as we were leaving, we passed by an Islam one ran by a small group of people. They were from the AMSA organization--the bracelet they gave me has their motto: Love for All, Hatred for None.
    • They had pretty Korans up for sale for just five dollars but I didn't have that much cash on me. I don't think they were taking credit cards but I should have asked D: 
      • Honestly, I regret not buying a Koran. Especially since they gave us pretty bracelets and offered to give us bags just for free.
    • A couple of them actually looked kinda nervous? I don't know if I was imagining it or not but they seemed a little on edge as the day came to an end. 
      • It was two women and like five or six men standing behind the display table. All of them were really nice and sweet but maybe a little fidgety too.
      • I hope nothing weird happened to them throughout the week, but that's just way too much wishful thinking after the Paris attacks. I don't know how Islamophobic Miami is, but it's most definitely not 100% accepting and kind to Muslims >_> I hope they were okay. Maybe just tired.
  • I did have a dollar on me so I bought Poison by Bridget Zinn from a group selling one-dollar books to support children's reading.
    • They had a pretty good collection of books there, btw. A ton of Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl books.
    • But it was difficult to see because the Book Fair had no internal lighting whatsoever >_> Just endless booths out in the open. Since we got there near dusk, it was all darkening so quickly. I went behind the display tables to the bookshelves and squinted for ten minutes till I stumbled into Poison.
  • Oh! On the walk to Wolfson Campus we saw. . .this:
    • What is that you ask? Art. Modern art. It was. Uh. Certainly artistic.
      • I'm sorry, I'm so bad at interpretation x_x
        • Which is especially sad because Sarah Green once made a video through The Art Assignment in response to a comment I made about the merit and complexity of modern art. Like, at this point, you'd think I'd give it more thought.
  • We went to eat at the Beer and Burger Joint in Downtown but only Ren got actual food.
    • I had dessert for dinner :P Gave some of it to Silvia.
I realize I'm becoming one of *those* people who take pictures of their food.
So sue me >.> I love it.
It's for the memories. The important memories of food.
    • The tables had a paper cover on them along with some crayons. While we ate, I wrote and read my nonsense to Ren. Silvia drew dragons and Pokemons.

  • We headed back to the cars a bit late. For whatever reason we got stuck at 8 PM Miami traffic as we rushed to catch an 8:20 pm screening of Mockingjay Part 2.
The city always looks the best at night.
    • We got there 20 minutes late but since it was a regular screening, it wasn't sold out or anything. Just really crowded.
    • I bought my ticket from one of the machines and I gotta say, I'm really freaked out about something. It printed out my Star Wars: The Force Awakens ticket because I'd pre-ordered it but it didn't do the same for Ren or Silvia.
      • Should I be worried? Is this an error? Will it make it invalid? WHAT IF I LOSE IT?
      • I put it in my wallet, on top of my ID photo so I can check up on it every day >_> Here's hoping I can still watch the movie with zero problems.
    • Back to Mokingjay: there were seats but none that went three in a row, so Silvia and I followed the lead of another group of kids and sat on the steps on the aisle. Ren took the one empty seat closest to the edge, Silvia sat in the middle, and I sat closest to the wall.
      • Because of this, I was actually sitting right above the little lights on the steps. It was bright so I used it to write down little notes and thoughts on my journal--which is mostly what I'll be writing about later >_>
      • Also on the movie in general. Which, again, I'll talk about later.
      • We ended up still riffing the movie a little bit. Which I always feel bad about in crowded theaters despite the fact that we try to be as quiet as possible x_x
        • Thankfully, only the guy directly behind us heard us. He shushed us like twice, then at the halfway point I think he just went "fuck it" because he decided to join us. It was cute.
  • On the way out of the theater, a friend, Dario, texted me saying he'd spotted me, Ren, and Silvia walking around on the parking lot. But he didn't say hi because he hadn't been sure it was me. (He hasn't seen me in ages). And he reads this blog on occasion, so I just gotta say: I HAVEN'T CHANGED THAT MUCH DX I look exactly the same >:(
    • Silvia joked that he didn't fully recognize me because I was wearing eyeliner, but he never even got close! He was a ninja, out into the night. 
    • I found it mostly amusing because he said he saw me waving my arms around. And the reason (that I didn't get to explain to him) is because I slammed into the side of a blind spot mirror and bruised the inside of my elbow. Then proceeded to flail in pain. 
      • I was looking straight at it and everything and I just. . .didn't properly measure the distance between my arm and the car. 
      • Real smooth over here >_> At least my klutz ways haven't changed at all.
        • Although I don't get into fights with furniture half as much as Silvia does.
  • E didn't get his cast off on Friday and was feeling bummed out because of it, so I promised to visit him over the weekend.
  • The only real problem is I was sleep-deprived so I almost fell asleep in one of the two buses. Why are you so far, Miami Beach? T_T
  • I spent most of the day bothering him about his beard >_> Apparently he's not allowed to trim it--plus he just doesn't feel like it--but I'm under the opinion it's getting wild and unmanageable. So I just nagged him forever.
  • I spent the other half of the day stealing his watch and lighter. He stole my watch right back but I think I came out winning.
I do really like his watch. This is the second time I've taken it.
I think by now he's seriously worried I plan to steal it permanently >_>
  • I'm developing this theory that boys are secretly puppies disguised as humans. 
    • Silvia mentioned this guy she knows makes, like, somewhat puppy-like noises at sadness-related things. And I was playing with E's hair yesterday and scratched him behind his ear at one point and he wiggled around for a bit. Exactly like a puppy. I d'awww'ed in the middle of Dunkin Donuts.
  • I didn't feel like busing back because it was getting rainy and I forgot an umbrella. Plus, laziness, so I bothered my dad till he picked me up. I really do need to get my licence Dx
  • We went to get Chinese Food and halfway through that, I got a cryptic text from my brother that went like:
"Are you home?" 
"No, why?" 
"Oh, nvm." 
"Wait. Why. Is this Fallout related?" 
    • And it turned out that he came back DAYSSS earlier than planned D:< And was waiting for us when we got home.
      • Usually we keep it a surprise from our parents but this time he decided to surprise me too. Mean >.>
    • I guess it was somewhat Fallout related. He totally came home to keep playing the game :P
    • I have developed the new tradition of following him around with my phone camera as soon as I see him. He finds it really annoying. 
    • I find his annoyance and resulting blurry pictures amusing.

He's gonna kick me one of these days.

And that's it! I've spent most of today revising and peer-critiquing stuff for Gaby O. It's been a nice, quiet Sunday of sporadic sleeping patterns. Mostly because I fell asleep last night at 5:30 pm, woke up sporadically every hour and a half, two hours, and then finally woke up fully at 1:45 am, stayed up texting Silvia (she was at a 24 hour hackathon, also sleep-deprived) till 6 am, then fell back asleep till 10:30 am.

My sleep schedule goes bonkers when I stay up past 10 pm.

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