Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Blog Challenge: Daily Routine

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( °ー°) ah.

( °ロ°) Ahhh

( °口°) AHHHHH.

Finished another challenge! GHAAAA, thank Batman, I almost gave up on this one.

And finished right at the start of December, which is good, because this month is always all over the place.

I don't think I'll be picking up another one just yet. Gotta give myself time, plus the Monday Excerpt ones are taking so longggg and I want to keep those going. They're really fun, for some reason.

So here we go. Last question.

Week 30: Daily Routine

. . .I don't have one?

For whatever nonsensical reason, during the two years I was living in the dorms at college, I became weirdly fixated on Daily Routine videos on YouTube. I never saw anything else from the channels, I just sorted through a dozen "My Morning Routine" or "Winter Morning Routine!" or "Dorm Life: Night Routine" or "2014 Spring Night Routine."

Endless. Endless recommendations too.

And they always had super chirpy music and even chirpier voice-overs and long takes of people pretending to sleep or stepping off the shower or changing into/out of pajamas with a cute jump cut. They always do some exercise, show what they eat, apply make-up, do their hair, watch Netflix while eating or right before falling asleep or while applying concealer.

I don't know what my daily routine constitutes off. I wash my face and obsessively brush my teeth. I text Silvia erratically throughout the day. If my brother is anywhere nearby, I annoy him until one of us elbows the other.

My life is what happens in between long periods of sleeping and writing. And as of lately, said sleeping and writing happen at random and in short-bursts. No control over that, therefore, not much structure because of that.

Which is okay, I guess. For now.

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