Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Holiday Haul

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that when Rebeca gets really sad, she reads about serial killers.

(And I mean that sincerely; no facetious tone here as Ms. Austen invoked).

Call it the most appropriate Christmas gift ever at the end of a tumultuous year, but first, guess what my parents got me?



Also a folding knife, a Casio watch, nerf gun, Russian fairy tale, video game, leather journal, waterproof MP3 player (not knowing Silvia had gotten me one too. Bwahaha, I GOT TWO NOW, AWW YISS), and two cuff bracelets. Basically, Survival 101 Essentials.


The 20th AKA Silvia's 21st.

She actually had a true 'murican celebration later with another friend (and classy too--wine and cheese tasting), but for us, we mostly just ate pizza and brownies and chips, accidentally ignored cake, and watched Breaking Bad. (Or at least they did. I ended up reading Gone Girl while hanging upside down on the couch next to Silvia's lil sis).

Bernie, Ren, and Bernie's sister Maria was there too. Bernie got us all gifts! Super cute Star Wars beanies.

Blurry picture because I (and Hannibal) are a failure :(

Christmas Eve

As my parents went off to go watch The Force Awakens and my brother slept in till 3 pm, I swam in the morning and then got picked up by Silvia. We decided to hang out and were supposed to work on our own stuff (her, painting, me, writing) while Jessica Jones played in the background, but we got a third guest in the form of Scott and just spent all afternoon playing Super Mario Bros with her sis, drinking hot chocolate, and failing to build Gingerbread Houses.

Got home later for the Christmas dinner, but, uh, I forgot to take pictures.

Christmas Day

I broke my own tradition of waking up at 5:30 am on Christmas Day and actually slept in till 9 am or so. I guess my parents were mildly confused as to why no one was running around tackling Christmas trees at 6 in the morning, so they searched for us to make sure we were all still alive.

Silvia gave me my Christmas present super early because she's evil. But on the upside, Christmas day, when I got to open it, I found out both her and my parents had the same general idea.

There was shock at the wake of it, but not from me. I'm loading one up with audiobooks and the other one with music and I get to alternate :P

So here we go. Presents. Presents everywhere:

(Gift for my brother)

The 27th

Went to a Karaoke bar and restaurant with Ren, and even though we didn't get a table close enough to watch the wonderful performances weeee still pretty much heard everything. No one was good. And that's why it was pretty awesome.

Plus, we got to exchange gifts with Ren. She got me black lipstick and actual, usable, crayon eye liner. Because the other one I had was slowly trying to eat my eyelids.

The lipstick smells heavenly
I tried putting some on and taking selfies but then I realized one line was thicker than the other one. And slightly longer.

It was too disastrous to show.

But uh. I'm working on it. One day, one day.

It does mean I have a line from a really good Type O Negative song stuck in my head.

"Black lipstick stains her glass of red wine. . ."

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