Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Excerpt: Endless Seas

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Real quick note--I don't recommend reading this post unless you've read The Broken Empire series in full by Mark Lawrence.

This is from the last book. It is the closing paragraphs of Emperor of Thorns. I could have picked any other moment in the series--particularly from the second book, which is my favorite of the three--and yet I went with this one. Because, though I may have problems with the books, this moment encapsulated everything I loved about the trilogy.

That means there are some massive spoilers here and ruining them would be a crime against literature. If you're going into The Broken Empire, you need to go in completely and utterly unaware of what it is, what it contains, and where it's headed.

For those still here, this is the excerpt.

One thing I do know is that it won't be Jorg of Ancrath who walks in through that doorway. Men are supposed to be scared of ghosts, not ghosts of men. A man may fear his own shadow, but here is a pale shadow that fears the man who cast him. Jorg of Ancrath will not return though. The magic has been shut off, enchantment has run from the world. Death is, once again, what it was. 
I watch the door but no one comes. I make Miana sad. She spends her time watching the young emperor grow. Katherine thinks me a nothing, just numbers trying to count themselves, trying to measure a man who was beyond measures, perhaps beyond her dreams even. I watch the door then give up. Fexler will watch it for me. He watches them all. 
Instead I sink down into the deep and endless seas of the Builders. Wheels within wheels, worlds within worlds, possibilities without end. 
All of us have our lives. All of us our moment, or day, or year. And Jog of Ancrath assuredly had his, and it has been my place to tell it. 
He has gone beyond me now though, and I have no more to say. Perhaps somewhere Jorg and his brother have found the real heaven and are busy giving them hell. It pleases me to think so. 
But the story is done. 
- Emperor of Thorns by Mark Lawrence


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Stop posting things with spoileeers @_@

    1. It's not my fault it's the best part of the book! @_@


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