Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This One Doesn't Get A Title

. . .because it's even more pointless than some of those other posts.

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How morally questionable is it for me to borrow/be inspired by/outright steal two scenes from a reddit story I read ten million years ago?

I can't remember the title so I can't find it. I don't even like the subreddit anymore because there isn't a single story on there that doesn't take my suspension of disbelief and drown it in a toilet. It was originally from NoSleep, which has become a cesspool of wanna-be horror writers who stopped giving a shit about being authentic in their voices or go for the lowest-common denominator in terms of scares. Or who stretch their stories out to twenty-eight separate parts. Or, alternative. who praise themselves to a nauseating degree. ("I found this written thing and it was so creepy, guys! The best, most terrifying written work I've come across, here, lemme share").


But I'm not gonna get into that. It's not all horrible. There's stuff from the old days that's still very fun to reread, and I found this one that's a bit recent and captured the original feeling of authenticity and voice that old NoSleep stories use to be good at. (But that one apparently has like a million separate parts and they get stupider and less believable as you go along) I don't know. Maybe I should give it another chance.

Anyways. I'm not just bringing up NoSleep to get mad at it.

About a month or two ago, I found this artwork called Alas I Cannot Swim by Jehan Choo.

While thinking about that picture, I remembered this NoSleep story I'd read about four (or more) years ago. I might be mistaken in some of the details, but this is what I can recall: basically, this guy--middle age or 30something--recounts something that had happened to him as a child. He'd been kidnapped by an unstable couple, and either before his kidnapping or right after (probably the former), the couple takes another girl who's about a year or two older than him. I think at the time, the boy is five and the girl is seven.

Again, I don't remember the details and I could be mistaken, but there's two things that happen that I keep going back to:

In one scene, the couple puts the boy and the girl through a game of Russian Roulette. The way they do it is the woman picks the boy and says he'll win, while the man picks the girl and says she'll win. They give them the revolver and make them face each other. The girl goes first, aims the gun at him, and shoots. Nothing happens. The boy goes second, aims it at her chest, and fires. It goes off, the  recoil knocks him back, and she flies backwards when hit, killed immediately.

The second scene is right at the conclusion of the story, closer to the present day. I can't remember if the man is having hallucinations or if it's meant to be taken literally, but he's in a cemetery and starts to see a lot of people who've died. It was a lot of side characters and one of them is, like, part of the twist or something, but he sees the ghost of the girl there.

And the first thing she says is something like, "You've changed so much. You're big now."

I am obsessing over that. Just those two scenes. Despite what I said earlier, I don't really want to steal them because I have no idea what I'd use them for or how I'd make them as memorable to others as they are to me.

I just wish I could find that author. That story was a bit messy, but there's something to be said of its quality if certain images and words keep coming back to me.

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