Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Excerpt: What He Had Become

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I have mixed feelings about the following book--purely because it's so good for the first 80% of the content and then it does something that makes me rage. Bad endings can sometimes really kill the love someone has for a book, but whilst reviewing and thinking back on, I had to remember I generally had a good time with it. For the most part, this is the novel that was practically written for me and only me--from the characters, to the action, to the way it speaks of man and techonology. It's never overtly pretentious, but it doesn't ignore the issues either.

It's not a perfect book, but it has some near-perfect moments.

Some spoilers ahead.

When Kate heard the next rocket, she barely had time to turn toward the sound.
Danny and Hawkins ran along the little hotel's roof, weapons out, intent on killing the Bot Killers in the TSVs. When the rocket took out Randall, Danny stopped and turned to see Kate standing in the road, shouting something at Zuzu. . .and a second rocket streaking toward her.
He roared her name, took two strides, and hurled himself off the hotel's roof. As he plummeted four stories he saw Kate spin toward the rocket and try to dart out of its path. The rocket struck her left shoulder and exploded. Her body pinwheeled through the air.
Danny hit the ground in a crouch, the impact buckling the sidewalk beneath him. Something cracked in his right leg. Kate's bot lay in a scorched, blackened sprawl. He screamed and ran toward her, hobbled slightly by a new limp.
"Kate!" he shouted, but she wasn't moving.
He stood over her, staring. He had joined the army hoping that he had finally found the purpose he'd sought, that a guy who'd always felt alone might be able to help protect those who were lucky enough to have someone else to live for. His girlfriends--even Nora, who had lasted the longest--had never been able to make him feel necessary. Desires, yes, but not alive
Danny felt as if the rocket had struck him instead of Kate. He stared down at the blackened carapace and the thin cables jutting from the shoulder socket, the jagged metal where the arm had been blown off, and he hated the robot--hated what he had become--and yet he hated the human part of himself as well, for giving a damn.
- Tin Men by Christopher Golden

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