Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rust-Flecked Familiar

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Yeah, I'm stealing the first part of that title from Chuck Wendig and the latest Monday Excerpt.

But "flecks of rust" was the first thing to come to mind when Silvia and I ran into this cat at the library.

He wanted all of the cuddles. I kinda wish I could have adopted him so he could become my full-time familiar.

I like animals well enough, but I'm not necessarily an animal lover. If anything, the cats around my neighborhood make me slightly anxious because they seem constantly on edge. I kinda know them in the sense that we always lock eyes before they scurry off and climb the side of a car, duck behind a bush, dart down the parking lot, that sort of thing. There's one tabby I know somewhat because she spent like half a decade continuously pregnant; hopefully she's doing okay. Has not been pregnant in a while so she's got that going for her, at least.

But yeah, I never really got close to her. Didn't stroke her head or rub her tummy--not to her or any of them. Especially not the ones who ran away. I kinda pet dogs when I see them, but I tend to just admire them from afar. I don't get all "SQUEEE" at dogs or cats, and in fact, there's a lot of dog breeds I find kind of ugly. (Even more so now that I learned about the nature of said dog breeds)

Slight side note, but I always hear from childfree people that they consider dogs and cats cuter than human babies. It's like Our Thing.

Well. Not me. I'll probably always be childfree and yet I find babies adorable. I've only seen a handful of kittens and puppies so I can't say I have the best foundation for comparison. But then again, I've also only seen a handful of babies and I still think they're adorable.

So yeah. I'm not that big of an animal lover and I tend to have a live-and-let-live attitude with most of them. I've never owned a pet, though I used to quite like the rottweilers my aunt and uncle had back when I was child. They were never mine, though, and so I never had to take care of them and didn't see them all that often.

But that rust-flecked library cat is stuck in my head. Like, I-Wanna-Write-About-Him stuck in my head. I think it was just because I'd never seen a cat of that color. We learned later that it's common for black cats to "rust" when out in the sunlight, but with or without that knowledge, he still looked pretty amazing.

The closest other cute cat encounter I had was when my AP Environmental class found a kitten by a lake. And after rescue, we brought him to the class, called him Proton, and later had one of my teacher's cheerleaders/students adopt him. He was adorableeee.



Okay, maybe I am a cat person.

This is an interesting development.

Writing side note: it's also partially interesting that, though I've never written about a character having a pet or just general animal companion, I am starting to write/plan a couple of animal motifs.

Specifically--the wolf, the spider, the bunny, and the butterfly.

Maybe someone could gain a cat--motif or otherwise. Classic witch companion, after all.

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