Friday, March 4, 2016

Legit Concern Now.

Hmm. Thinking back on this post, I'm wondering. . . .

Do I maybe ruin things for people?

Like, am I not framing certain criticisms in a way that invites change and understanding rather than shame and defensiveness?

I know there are feminists out there who feel they shouldn't have to be overtly kind and forgiving, especially because they've approached hostility so often, from such asinine people who have no interests in learning.

And I don't think they should change their stance. I'm just thinking maybe I'm too aggressive sometimes in my analysis and opinions. Some of them. Some warrant it, but maybe I could take it down a bit in others.

This is about me, though. Not about the movement. I don't want to make comments on feminism as a whole because I generally do think aggressive is needed at times.

But me, personally, I think my temper's been a problem for a while. Plus, if I'm just perpetually angry, it's going to lose impact.

We'll see how I handle this.

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