Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Hatching

This is a Christmas recap~ I keep forgetting I never revealed what was in the scaled-egg present that Silvia and Ren gave me. Since Silvia was at her mom's house the day of without a charger, I figured I'd take her on a journey of my present delving so she'd see whenever her phone awoke.

Here went the texts:

The journey begins!

Styrofoam?! I had to open it in the kitchen since it was causing a bit of a mess.

The hatch Silvia foretold. 





I've been living my whole life with $7 to $19 earphones. Then Red one day let me experience the wonder of his noise canceling headphones, I started stealing them on the regular, he got tired of my thieving ways, I stole them on occasion anyways, and thennnn I guess I told Silvia about my obsession or my boyfriend told Silvia or Silvia read everyone's minds and BAM. Her and Ren got me my very own headphones.

She told me later that her plan had involved buying two halves of a Styrofoam ball and then join them together. No luck in that. Instead she found only a full one--no hollow place for the headphones. So she hacked it in half with a kitchen knife, then went at the insides with a spoon.

No wonder it took two hours in total to wrap. I'd have given up 10 minutes in.

I'm grateful. Especially since whenever I get kinda tipsy (shhh. It's allowed, I'm finally legal), I want to do one of two things: talk about German or French cinema and/or listen to music with these. Magic.

I got some other cool stuff. A lego Batman of the aforementioned Bats, Harley, and Deadshot. Also, Fantasy Boy Band Simulator AKA Final Fantasy 15. It's so much trash at times, but so much fun the majority of the time. The yaoi fuel is real. I had considered asking my dad for it as a present but by the time I decided I wanted it, it was like, December 23.

He bought me Day 1 edition. His argument was that he, "always buys me Final Fantasy for Christmas."

It's true. I'm FF trash, now and forever.

Last was an urban fantasy YA book about Hispanic witches written by an Ecuadorian-American writer.

. . . .

Yeah, it's a mystery why I kept mentioning it to people :P

It's called Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova.

Just started it. I never know how I feel about reluctant witches, but hers are also closely associated with death so that's amazing.

EDIT: Now I remember why I originally assumed the present would be a gigantic Ferrero Rocher chocolate:
No wonder I've been daydreaming about it.


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Those giant ferrero balls are LIEES @-@

    1. ...they're just filled with thiny ferrero chocolates, aren't they?

      I feel like I remember this traumatic reveal . . . as if from a dream, a nightmare. . . Or sometime one of you guys gifted it to Berny (or someone) and uncovered the truth.



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