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Few thoughts related to my death-centric stories:

1) After titling that other post Fated, Faithful, Fatal, I've been toying around with the idea of outright renaming Death Awakens after that song. But like. Is that . . . legal? Or advisable?

I read on Wikipedia that the Red Hot Chili Peppers sued Californication because they'd never given any sort of permission for the show to use the word and it was causing an unwilling connection (and therefore confusion) between their hit-song/album and the show. (Or something. I'm butchering it. The wiki quotes the full argument but I think that's the gist of it).

But the network and creators were all, "Uh, you didn't create the word 'californication' and you didn't register a trademark. We weren't even thinking of you when we named the show this. So fight me *fisty cuffs.*"

(again, paraphrasing here).

My dilemma is different but I keep thinking I'd be in the clear because I've been seeing a book at the library titled Paint it Black; no one is gonna be dumb enough to bend over backwards and try to argue Janet Fitch wasn't thinking of the Rolling Stones when she titled her novel. And just looking at Goodreads, it ain't even an uncommon title.

But it's not like I'm naming the book The Beautiful People or Disposable Teens so--

Hold up.

Holy fuck that's a good title.

Wait, okay. Sorry: it's not like I'm naming the book after a popular band's hit-song. Fated, Faithful, Fatal only appears in the deluxe edition of "The Pale Emperor" and is the acoustic version of another song on the album called The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles. Both versions are amazing and helped inspire one of the scenes I've been visualizing, but only the former would make any bit of sense as a title. So like. Is it worse that it's a little less known? Does it not matter? If Manson ever heard about it (which I doubt, but, shhh), would he be all, "...can you not?"

I'll just cry endlessly if I'm ever in a position where one of my favorite musicians slaps me with a lawsuit.

Guess that's a question for a literary agent. Uh. You know, if I get there. I'll probably think of another title by then.

I should probably start the stupid book before I worry about this >_>

. . . I need to look something up.

Crap. I am both relieved and sad no one's used "Disposable Teens" as a title. Although now I'm finding out that's not to Marilyn Manson what Paint it Black is to the Rolling Stones. The Beautiful People was more accurate.

I don't know music charts >:(

2) I've been going to Coral Gables on my free days to write at the Books & Books cafe and I've made significant progress on Millennium Girl. However, I noticed I haven't been utilizing the first draft all that much.

I guess because I have all major plot points memorized and the writing/voices of the first draft is super rough so it hurts to look at it.

But not everything is trash. I've been hesitant to go back and reread it to aid my current rewrite, but some bits of dialogue and passages can survive the next few drafts, me thinks. It's not like I got all the voices wrong.

So that's my goal right now: quit shunning the atrocity that is the first draft. If it truly was trash, I wouldn't be here in the first place.

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