Friday, March 17, 2017

Trips and Futures (Updates)

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Early note: The nickname I was using for my boyfriend, Red, is kinda pointless now that I want to share some pictures of us and my friend Ren at Orlando. So like. His name is Flip. (Well, his nickname is. There's a cute mega-tiny story behind it but it's so silly I shan't share. There's also a short explanation behind Ren's nickname but it's one I never remember).

But yeah--I went to two theme parks this past weekend despite the fact that Flip and I don't exactly have limitless funds. It was not a smart choice, I'll say, but it was fun. There was a concert on Friday for one of Ren's favorite bands, and somewhere between drinking two cranberry vodkas and realizing there was an unexpected screamo band before the main act, several mosh pits broke out. Dimly I remembered hearing about fans who'd died in, like, Smashing Pumpkins concerts due to mosh pits and since I don't have the body mass to slam into people who slam into me, I started kicking and elbowing anyone who hurdled themselves at me.

Never. Again.

Senses Fail was good and the venue was cute. So that was nice.

Opening band.
Second band. (There were three in total before the main show)

Next day was Islands of Adventure. Twas fun. Ren and Flip are apparently aficionados of roller coasters and the closest thing to a roller coaster I've ever come to riding was Splash Mountain when I was twelve at Disney soooo them throwing me into the Hulk was terrifying. And though I can't make myself ever enjoy the initial escalation and first drop of any roller coaster ride, they are soooo fun.

Hulk was great, as was the Harry Potter dragon ride and the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (which I rode on Sunday at Universal). We rode the Hulk twice, if I'm not mistaken, the dragons twice (one for each dragon, both times front seat), and three times for the Rip Ride Rockit. On that third and final time of the latter, I picked Beastie Boys' Sabotage on one of the playlists. It was synced at the beginning so perfectly.

On that first drop at the Hulk, I discovered roller coasters are far more enjoyable once I realized they're the closest thing I'll ever get to riding a dragon.

Although, like I told Silvia, I think I'm more scared of a roller coaster malfunctioning than I'd be of a dragon accidentally dropping me.

Despite my hair and weird thumb placement, this might be one of my favorite pictures of us.
On the Hippogriff ride.
I know it's not a particularly harsh ride, but it's hard to explain the panic Flip and I felt when Ren pulled her phone out up there.  
She assured us she'd done it a million times before. 
There was no line for this ride because no park-visitor wanted to get soaking wet.
We rode it twice. Then went to ride the Hulk at the end to try and dry off.

I barely got any pictures inside the new King Kong ride because my phone couldn't manage anything decent in the darkness. Despite being told it was a 90 minute wait, we were there for over two hours. Flip was unimpressed by the actual ride, but a dude lunged at him from a hole in the wall before retreating into the darkness, scaring the shit out of everyone within a 5 feet radius, so that made the whole thing worth it.

Also, as fun as 3D rides can be (particularly the Harry Potter ones), it's hard to fight against classic rides like The Mummy. Ren led us in there, also practically had no wait time, and we rode it twice just cuz it was so fun.

When I came back to work that Monday, I had two full carts of books waiting for me to be shelved. Which is what I get for missing one of my scheduled days. (I'd made up the hours, but earlier on the week, which meant I didn't have extra time after to make up for my missing day). I was also sent to another library mid-week for some additional training, so things are piling up again. Ughhh.

Three hours into my shift, I'd barely finished organizing the carts.
This was even after shelving the new books, DVDs, YA novels, and a few large prints.

At training, I got to talking to a lot of the librarians and library assistants. A few seemed impressed that I already had my Bachelor's and gave me some advice on the assumption that I would for sure go to Grad school to become a librarian.

I didn't say I was still considering it, and to be honest, it was a relief that they didn't ask. I hate having to give an answer. It was nice to have them give me a few personal anecdotes of their own profession and what it was like to work in the library system. I can't help but worry that part of my apprehension towards getting a Master's degree isn't just in the money-problem, but I also think maybe it'd mean cementing my roots in Miami permanently. Wasn't the dream to live in another city? The chances of getting work in a different library system are slim, and I've already been selected for this one, even if I'm just starting out and anything can happen.

I don't want to gamble too much with my future. But I've decided on like eighteen different life goals/plans within the past three months, it'll be nice to settle on a particular direction.

I don't know. We'll see how it goes. If I stay, I think I'll be happy. What more could I ask for?

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