Sunday, April 2, 2017


Ever since I discovered a wedding planning subreddit, I've been obsessed with analyzing all the wedding dress posts that go up there on the daily. I've shown them to my mom on occasion because it can be fun to critique fashion with her. She has a very minimalist approach to it. A single flower on a collar can ruin a dress for her.

I like to think I'm forgiving with most of fashion. I tend to like weird, crazy stuff you could never wear anywhere except for on a runway. But I tend to be overtly critical of wedding dresses. I find them most often boring or forgettable. Sometimes quite ugly. Which is a little strange because I feel like I should give them more leeway--there's only so much a traditional wedding dress can be. There's only so much variation you can bring out of beads, lace, the established necklines and skirt types, and various shades of white. Most often I find I hate too many repeated aspects of wedding dresses that ultimately cause me to rule out several styles from the get-go. I find sequin tacky, I dislike off-white colors like champagne or ivory, I find layers of sheer fabrics on puffy skirt a little too ugly, really huge flowery patterns makes me think of tablecloths, and transparent sleeves with lace never look that good in my eyes.

It sounds way too negative and a little ridiculous, but it is one of those things where I look at wedding dresses and I want to find one that somehow doesn't break from using traditional materials/designs and still somehow comes out looking beautiful and unique. I've found a couple I like--even if they utilized aspects that I tend to hate on their own or in different dresses.

I got to thinking that's a (subconscious?) apprehension I have with all of art. I can't help but wonder with all the years humanity has spent making music, writing books, or utilizing visual mediums, well, how do we keep coming up with new sounds and new wordings and images and stories? Though admittedly instruments, language, and techniques have evolved, it still sometimes feels like we should have ran out of ways to tell new tales in new ways or to arrange musical notes in a way that have never been arranged before.

So maybe that's why I'm obsessed with wedding dresses. Every style tries to be innovative despite the limited groundwork/materials it so often must adhere to. And sometimes, even if I think it ugly or boring, it manages to find a glimmer of individuality despite the limitations.

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