Tuesday, June 27, 2017

An Actual Event

I stole that title from one of the comments on the video, BUTOHMYGOD if this isn't the coolest NIN has ever looked and they sound as amazing as usual. "She's Gone Away" is already my favorite song on Not the Actual Events and here's Trent in a leather jacket and sunglasses with Mariqueen and Atticus flanking him, all of them in subdued blue and violet lights and shadows.

IT'S MY DREAM AESTHETIC. It's like they walked out of a cyberpunk movie.

I already kinda wanted to watch Twin Peaks for a while now. I might actually do that now just to get to the episode featuring them.

I read on the /r/nin subreddit that Trent had sent an email about orders related to NTAE, and at the end he'd slipped in a "yeah btw you're getting more music,"


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